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About Us - Core Principal and Values

Core Principal and Values

The Five core principles and values express WOSCC commitment to people, communities and partners. On the basis of its principles and values implies the development activities focus on the women, children, socially excluded, marginalized and most disadvantaged groups in society.

1. Women and Child Foucused

WOSCC has been working since the beginning to advocate women and risk children rights for equality and make child free labor society and there is no any form of discrimination between man and woman. Where proper representation of women, poor, marginalized communities in its decision making process and execution of programme and projects followed to maximize women participation in decision making process and that support to stop domestic violence, patriarchal attitude and practices and provide the opportunities of poor households children for better education for their future life. Therefore WOSCC is giving the prime concern of women and children issues to make them empower and equal status in every aspects of socio-economic, political and culture and make their leadership for their desire and dream for stopping any form of discrimination and slavery.

2. Organisational Strengthening and Capacity Building

WOSCC believes that the development initiatives can be sustain through developing the social assets and strengthen to them to drive their development intervention by themselves in a sustainable manner. Therefore, it advocates and capacitates women and disadvantage communities and community based organizations through collective approaches to stop domestic violence, human trafficking and slavery. To reach more number of survivors, affected, risk and potential risk women, children and vulnerable communities through group and CBOs approaches are more beneficial than the individual. WOSCC capacitate to the community social organizations to take local leadership and mobilize the local resources with creating and strengthening CBOs/CSOs at local level and intended to give the long lasting benefits to its impact groups through capacity building and organizational strengthening.

3. Sustainable and Environmental Friendly

WOSCC value is to make its development efforts sustainable and environmentally friendly with mobilize scare resources for the benefits of impact groups and as whole in a sustainable manner for future generation. WOSCC is intended to bring the interests of environmental protection approach for its development initiatives, thus enabling people and conserve nature to coexist and contribute to develop and social justice and self-esteem society. Its ethos is to promote the sustainable development concept into practice in rural communities for creating environmentally sound livelihood opportunities, improve socio-economic and political empowerment of women and reduce poverty.

4. Collaboration and Partnership

WOSCC followed collaboration and partnership as a core principle and value to plan and implement development initiatives for the benefit of impact groups in collaboration with development partners. Its aim to maximize the benefits with minimizes the duplication of resources and generating the synergy effects in development works. The collaboration and partnership can help to drive progress and support for implementation of women equality initiatives and reduce the patriarchal attitude and practices and contribute the national poverty reduction agenda. As a whole it intended to make equal share in property rights of women especially on land resources.  Its fundamental principle is shared accountability, and shared learning; and experiences to support the implementation of fundamental principles of effective development co-operation:  where it contributes to develop ownership among the partners, focus on results, inclusive development partnerships; and   transparency and accountability to one another.

5. Creditability and Creativeness

WOSCC is act consistently for achieving its vision. Credibility is an important for building personal and organizational success.  WOSCC is accountable, transparent and honest in its word and action. It promotes social accountability as institutions to deliver the services towards beneficiaries and stakeholders. The creditability in WOSCC is standing for integrity- truthful, trustworthy character and convictions. It promotes the competence to make capable, productive and efficient organization. Where it's leadership is inspiring, decisive and provides direction to grasp the opportunities and makes the positive changes in its impact group with creating new ideas and translate into action for the benefits of women, children and as whole of its impact group. 


President Message

Success Story
Man Maya Lopchan
Ms. Manmaya Lopchan, a daughter of Mr. Arjun Lopchan resident of Hetauda municipality -11. She has 11 family members in her home. While see was studying in grade 3, a broker was come in her house, during that time she was 13 yrs old.
Wage Labour to Entrepreneur
Sumitra was born in 1965 in Ramechhap a hill district of Nepal. She got married with Mr. Ganesh Basnet in Ramechhap when she was 18 yrs old. She has 3 sons; Purushotam, Puskar and Pujan are 11, 9 and 7 yrs old respectively.

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