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Our Projects - Our Campaign for Equality

Our Campaign for Equality

In support of the Open Society Foundation Institute, Women Skill Creation Centre (WOSCC), Makwanpur has been conducting Our Campaign for Equality program in areas of Makwanpur.

i.e. Hetauda Municipality, Bhimphedi, Nimbuwatar, Bhainse, Namtar VDCs and also in areas of Dailekh district i.e.  Narayan Municipality, Bindabasini and Chauratha VDC since May 2011. 

The Interim Constitution of Nepal has guaranteed at least 33 percent of representation of by women in all state institutions and organs. However, despite the equality guaranteed by the constitution and international commitments made by the government of Nepal to uplift women and eliminate discrimination against them, nearly all indicators continue to show the women's disadvantaged position in Nepalese society. Also, it is fundamental to develop and implement clear laws and policies to bring about changes in attitude and practices of government and political leaders so as to clear the deck for equal representation and participation of women in governance and decision-making levels.


The main purpose of this project is to conduct advocacy to get policy of 33% women participation implemented at the village and district level structures including different committees. Likewise, to prepare the women leaders, especially through skills and capacity development.

Major achievements

This campaign has been actively participating women in community level local structures. This campaign has been conducting advocacy in different structures from local to national level in order to make 33% women's valuable participation.

Our campaign for Equality has been able to build the capacity of women and made them capable to raise their voices themselves, and make the key stakeholders accountable to implement the policy in the village and district level. We have also aimed to provide guideline to end the gender discrimination, establish good governance and make development. Ultimately, Our Campaign for Equality helps to increase women's social status and respect, and promoted their rights as well.

This project has been able to make the key stakeholders accountable to implement the policy in the village and district level. Women Skill Creation Centre (WOSCC) has also aimed to provide guideline to end gender discrimination establish good governance and make development through this project. It helps to increase women's social status and respect, and promoted their rights as well

Our campaign for Equality has been able to build the women's network for bringing unity among them. Through continuous awareness, training, dialogue, radio programs, IEC material distribution, day celebration and capacity building of women; helped rise in women's logical capacity and also has helped in acceptance of female leadership among male.

Women, who had never been out of their house and unknown about the sources of services and facilities, have started participating in all programs. Women are being mentally prepared in facing challenges during their struggle. Women who were not strong enough to complain against the violence for the sake of family prestige has begun discussion in women's network and admit complain about women violence incident. The safe house which is made for violence victim case registration and rehabilitation; women victim are getting services, its management and leadership is also being done by women's network.

Radio program broadcasts the success stories of women reached in different structure of local level. Those success stories cover the stories of challenges and their face offs by the women while working in the structures. Because of this, women are encouraged and motivated too. Information on human rights, gender violence, gender equity and social inclusion has disseminated at mass scale so that people in different sectors will be sensitized to the issue of human right and Social inclusion and had played the positive role for women's issues.

Stakeholders have responded positively after giving attention letter in district and national level local structure as well as political parties about the women oriented policy's implementation and edition. Now, it has become easy to work on women's issues in the district. All like-minded organizations and networks working for women's rights have come under one forum. 


Working in the field of policy advocacy, we come to learn that massive kind of advocacy activities can bring a positive and drastic change. Though the credit for the changes goes to the collective effort of many actors, the contribution of each actor counts a lot. While working for women's equal participation in decision making, we frequently and consistently create an environment for dialogue with different political parties, local government officials and other networking agencies create pressure for our issue. This helped us to make a sound and active network in the village and district level. 

More coordination and collaboration with government line agency (VDCs, DDC and others) political leaders and vulnerable community needed for effective implementation of the program.

Regular co-operation and collaboration with media persons is an effective medium to raise leadership skills in women by bringing out their logical capacity and creativity. Besides, the media play a co-operative role in raising women's issues publicly to create an easy atmosphere for the advocacy through media movement.


Difficulty for women's networks in receiving the gender budget as the gender budget allocated for local agency used in other expenditure.

Long-term advocacy is needed for creating the environment of trust in men to accept the leadership of women.

Organization is blamed for provoking the women when they raise their voice for their rights.

Sometimes the perpetrator give threatens to organization or women's networks in the process of facilitating the cases of women violence. Therefore, it makes them feel insecure.

Concerned offices and stakeholders are not being sensitive in gender issues and does not listen the victim's problem and the cases are not registered immediately. Due to which facilitation of cases takes longer period. In addition, victims are not given proper care and concern due to the lack of residence and security for them.

Orientation program for women about law and rights based approach

Orientation program for women about law and rights based approach under the Project "Our Campaign For Equality" at WOSCC office.

President Message

Success Story
Man Maya Lopchan
Ms. Manmaya Lopchan, a daughter of Mr. Arjun Lopchan resident of Hetauda municipality -11. She has 11 family members in her home. While see was studying in grade 3, a broker was come in her house, during that time she was 13 yrs old.
Wage Labour to Entrepreneur
Sumitra was born in 1965 in Ramechhap a hill district of Nepal. She got married with Mr. Ganesh Basnet in Ramechhap when she was 18 yrs old. She has 3 sons; Purushotam, Puskar and Pujan are 11, 9 and 7 yrs old respectively.

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