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Empowering Women in the Churia Area

Nepal has a population of over 25 million, out of which about 32 percent is estimated to be living below the poverty line. Poverty is more acute in rural remote areas of the country including Churia.

Churia covers 13 percent of the total areas of the country and is one of the poorest, most remote and environmentally fragile. Owing to their frontal location to rain-bearing monsoon winds, Churia hills receive greater amount and intensity of rainfall during monsoon season. Hence, rivers from Churia hills carry huge sediment load causing rising bed level, frequent bank erosion, frequent channel shifts, and floods producing disasters downstream.

The total population of Churia hills spread over 36 districts of Nepal is estimated to be 5.04 million. Due to lack of awareness and appropriate skills poor, vulnerable and socially excluded (PVSE) people living in this region are unable to adequately access and use the benefits of natural resources.

The project aims to improve socio-economic status of poor vulnerable and socially excluded (PVSE) women of Churia by increasing their livelihood security. It focuses on strengthening the capacity of PVSE women, natural resource management groups; facilitate policy advocacy to promote equitable benefit sharing, increased access to quality basic services and reduced gender-based violence. The programme is contributing to the socio-economic empowerment of PVSE women living in Churia.


The overall objective of SHAKTI Program is to contribute to the improved livelihood of the poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women in Churia.

Specific Objective:

Empowerment of poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women in 3 districts of Churia as well as capacity building of partner NGOs to promote sustainable socio-economic change for these women.

Project Period:  2008 to 2012

Target Group:

Poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women and their families of Makawanpur districts

Partner NGOs, community based organizations, natural resources management groups, mothers groups, government line agencies and women's networks at local and national level

VDC Reach:

Makawanpur : Dhiyal, Raigaun, Phaparbari, Chhatiwan, and Harnamadi.

Population Reach:

2500 poor, vulnerable and socially excluded women.

Major Activities:

  • Awareness raising and empowerment of PVSE women
  • On-farm and off-farm training, vocational training
  • Awareness raising on gender based violence and reproductive health
  • Training on disaster risk reduction, development of emergency plans and small scale mitigation measures
  • Capacity building of local partner NGOs and local resource persons.
  • Identification and usage of income generating opportunities

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President Message

Success Story
Man Maya Lopchan
Ms. Manmaya Lopchan, a daughter of Mr. Arjun Lopchan resident of Hetauda municipality -11. She has 11 family members in her home. While see was studying in grade 3, a broker was come in her house, during that time she was 13 yrs old.
Wage Labour to Entrepreneur
Sumitra was born in 1965 in Ramechhap a hill district of Nepal. She got married with Mr. Ganesh Basnet in Ramechhap when she was 18 yrs old. She has 3 sons; Purushotam, Puskar and Pujan are 11, 9 and 7 yrs old respectively.

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