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Wage Labour to entrepreneur

Sumitra was born in 1965 in Ramechhap a hill district of Nepal. She got married with Mr. Ganesh Basnet in Ramechhap when she was 18 yrs old. She has 3 sons; Purushotam, Puskar and Pujan are 11, 9 and 7 yrs old respectively. 

Ms. Sumitra and her family were migrated to Hatiya -3, Makawanpur last 15 yrs. The assets of Sumitra have 3 sons and one Kattha of land.  Two sons had worked as domestic child labours and she also a wage labour in her community. Her husband is a carpenter. He has good skills but he has bad habit. All the money whatever he earned spent in liquors and did not give attention to the household works, education of his sons and did not support to his wife.

While WOSCC has been started women empowerment and anti-slavery project she was joined in awareness class with the support of Progressive Vigilance Committee (VC) in her village. She knows the importance of child education, women rights, child rights and various examples of livelihood promotion activities run by VCs in coordination with local agencies and through the revolving fund. With the support of VC, her 3 sons have been enrolled in Laxmi Lower Secondary School, Hatiya-4. The 1st two sons have been supported their school education by WOSCC and the small one got scholarship from the school. She had attended the IGA training conducted by WOSCC and identified the

potentiality of milk selling business in her village. She put her cow rising proposal to VC in Hatiya and requested NPR 20, 0000. VC reviewed the proposal and done the interaction with her about her proposed business. Then VC was convinced and given NPR 20,000 to Sumitra as a loan. She purchased a small cow and rears that one. Later on that cow has given a calf and milk. Sumitra has been rearing that cow and producing milk. She sold milk worth of NPR 6000 per month. She produced safe and hygienic milk and the demand of milk is high in her community. Sumitra is using that money for food stuff, medicine, school education of children, repay the instalment of loan and also improved her milk production business. Now a day her identity has been changed from wage labour to entrepreneur in her community and plays a model role. She received recognition from her community and support from her husband. Her sons are getting school education from community school and Sumitra’s life has been changed through the small scale business. Now she like to give a lot of thanks to WOSCC and its field staff and VC who supported to open her eyes from dark to sunny days. Sumitra has been shown a good example to other survivors to create self employment in the community and enjoy better life

VC has supported to join Sumitra on Awareness Class and provided revolving fund for her business. VC carefully selected the needy people and provided the loan to purchase a cow and WOSCC provided the appropriate training to Sumitra in coordination with District Livestock Service centre Office (DLSO) Service Centre to run her cow rising and milk selling small scale business.