Ms. Manmaya Lopchan, a daughter of Mr. Arjun Lopchan resident of Hetauda municipality -11. She has 11 family members in her home. While see was studying in grade 3, a broker was come in her house, during that time she was 13 yrs old. 

The breaker raises her expectation and more money in Kathmandu. Then she told her father to go in Kathmandu to earn more money. At that time her father had challenge to support his family due to money problem and accepted the proposal of her daughter. The broker was done an agreement letter with her father to do work in Kathmandu. Then she reached in Kathmandu along with broker. She worked hard to earn money. She wakeup early in the morning say at 4 o’clock. She did hard labor from early in the morning to mid-night in each day. 

She had faced many problems such as she did not get rest, no treatment and medicine while she suffered from sick.  She had nt get any facilities and she discriminated whatever she received the benefits than boy work in the same family. She had remembered her mother and family members while her in trouble in her job. They give a little money for their family member during working period. She didn’t get opportunity to meet her family and sharing her sorrow and happiness since long. In the other hand her father spent money unnecessary works and materials. She had got only NPR 50/month. Her father was also asked more money from the house owner. They didn’t get time to go to home from the work. CVC of Hetauda municipality-11, Belachaur had known the problem from the community and called to Manmay’s father in CVC problem. Her father was stroked from the CVC suggestion and remembered to her daughter. But he did not positive to return her daughter from work. Then CVC talked about the law and act  had given the warning to her father. The Manmaya father compiled to return Manmaya. 

Now, she is reading in grade 7 in community school near by her village. WOSCC had recommended VC to support NPR10,0 00. for IGA activities to her father from revolving fund. Her father and mother supported Manamaya school education from the earning of IGA.  In addition WOSCC has been supporting Manamay school education up to grade 10. Now, Manamaya is also advocate against trafficking and human slavery in her community. She hearty pays her sincere thanks to WOSCC and CVC for her new life. Manmay father was also committed with community he will not send her daughter in such types of work in future and like to capacitate her daughter a good civic in her society.