The Women Skill Creation Center (WOSCC) and OXFAM Nepal lunch Makwanpur Livelihood Recovery Project (MLRP) with aim to increase the income and food security of the earthquake affected families in the target communities by re-building their livelihoods, in other words to ‘Build Back Better Sustainable Livelihood’.

Theproject is implemented in Indrasarobar Rural Municipality (ward 1to 5), Kailashrural municipality (ward 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10), Thaha municipality (ward 9, 10),and Bhimphedi Municipality (ward 9) of Makwanpur district. The project focus on4502 earthquake affected families of these coverage areas. The projectactivities are targeted towards earthquake affected women. Till date we hadorganized series of activities to increase access of small farmers to improvedproduction inputs and infrastructure, to increase access of cooperative membersto market and financial services, increased women’s economic and socialleadership and to help local government and cooperative with disastermanagement plan to prepare for further natural disaster.

Totalof 36 different training (Nursary Management, IPM, Climate smart vegetable production,soil management), 3 different types of Agriculture tools and inputs (21 Minitiller, 5000 pc of PVS, 36 improved he goat, and 8 different type of improvedfodder and forages), 5 Animal health camp were organizedwith in our coverage areas.  The projecthad built 3 high-tech polyhouse and 4 plastic tunnels. The project also rebuild5 drinking water , 5 Irrigation, 17 collection center and 1 rustic centerscheme at different targeted areas.

Theproject had supported local agriculture cooperative to make business plan forthree year and also gave them grant to open farmer support center. We had open8 farmer support center at 8 of our partner cooperative. To improve thelivelihood of fish farmers’ project supported 50 fish cages to fish farmers ofindrasarobar agriculture cooperatives.

Toempower women the project had organized 17 Women skill creation center atdifferent working areas also to promote women entrepreneur WOSCC hadcollaborated with Nepal Leadership Academy. 10 Leader women entrepreneur weredeveloped.

Inorder to prepare local cooperative during the disaster project supportedcooperative to have their own disaster prepaidness and readiness plan and alsobasic emergency relief item were stocked at local cooperatives.

It’s been one year ofproject implementation; project had reached 5654 families where 72% femaleswere actively participated. In terms of social status, project reached 82%janjati, 16% others, and 2% dalit.  Manysmall farmers’ lives were changed after this project.

Small farmer, Ms Salma Balami, age 17, Thaha-9, She said”After adopting soil treatment ,seed treatment and land preparation technique which i learned from training,  90% of seed developed in the seedling and looks very healthy”