The Community learning and Action Centers (CLACs) which are community level platforms where community members come together and collectively discuss on their rights and responsibilities. 

The objectives of establishing CLAC are to empower community groups on policy provisions in basic rights, to develop capacity of PVSE groups to design and implement advocacy initiatives and to improve the internal governance of NRM groups/community etc as per the major component of Hariyo Ban Program. During the period of May 2013, each CLAC has been conducted tenth times and all the participant of the CLAC actively participated and conducted campaign.

As per the CLAC planning end of the month they conducted public hearing by CLAC. During the month April to May they conduct public audit where in total 285 (230 women, 55 men) participant 38 Dalit, 157 Janajati and 6 BCT and 26 below age of 25 participated. political leader, teacher, SMC, Police and community people participated.

From public hearing following outcome achieved.

  • Mass community awareness on climate change, biodiversity conservation, gender, social inclusion and good governance.

Political leader, school teachers, parents, executive of BZCFUG, Police, health personal, student knew the issues which was found by CLAC, made commitment for support, jointly participated in door to door visit, control open grazing, interaction with community people, alcohol seller for control alcoholism practice in their community.